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I have worked in the helping profession since 2001, working with children and families in various roles. I believe that therapy is a collaborative effort, building on the strengths of clients and assisting them to meet their goals, find balance, and experience wholeness. I am trained as a Christ Centered Yoga Leader, and I am able to integrate mind, body, and spirit through the use of yoga techniques as part of the healing process. I am a bi-racial person with an undergraduate degree in Sociology. Consequently, I possess a unique understanding of the ways racial/cultural issues can impact someone's life story. I have the ability to see the world through other people's eyes, whether or not their experience or perspective is the same as mine. I am a keen observer of people's strenghts, which gives me a unique ability to draw out the best in others.

I believe in a person's ability to create change in his or her life, regardless of where they are starting from or how far they feel they have to go before things will get better. I feel that my role as a therapist is to help you along the journey to get to the life that you desire. In a safe and non-judgmental environment, we can work together to unpack the past and figure out how get to the future that you desire. I believe that relationships are a very important part of life. My hope is to help people get close and important relationships back to a place of being healthy.

I am a native Arizonan, raised in Tucson until I relocated to attend college at Arizona State University. I married an aviator and native Chicagoan, and have been converted into a Chicago Bears fan and a traveler. At the age of 42, I became a new mother, and later that same year, a widow. I am a mama to a feisty little girl and dachshund mix rescue dog that behave like quarreling siblings. I enjoy yoga, reading, trying new restaurants, cooking, and stealing moments to enjoy a coffee on a sunny patio. Spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of the Arizona desert helps me to return to a calm and peaceful state.

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Arizona State University
Master of Counseling from University of Phoenix

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